About Us

Enjoy our passion

We have a passion for baking and sharing what we bake. Friends and family have been the recipients of our baking for many years and have often asked "When are you opening up a bakery?" Our answer was always "Oh sometime we will, not right now, the timing is not right." So, now in the middle of a pandemic, why not open a bakery! 

Micro Bakery

We are a small family operation - a micro bakery.  A micro bakery is essentially a very small retail bakery that typically creates naturally leavened or sourdough breads, and with other baked goods like croissants, cookies, squares, tarts and pies.  All of our sourdough starts with Lagertha, our sourdough starter that has been providing our family bread for many years.  It takes at least three days to create one of our sourdough loaves, this is where the unique flavour you enjoy is developed.


Our whole family is involved: Larry is the head baker with the hands that make the delicious sourdough and other goodies.  Diana keeps things organized and provides inspiration for the flavours, and helps also out with all of the logistics.  Joseph, our son, helps out everywhere, and provides amazing ideas on what to bake.  Giza, our puppy, is well known as our delivery assistant, and behind the scenes is Ocean, our budgie, busy tweeting out orders.


Supporting local is important for us.  As a small local business, we know how important it is to support other local businesses.  We support local producers for our ingredients as much as possible, and look for opportunities to collaborate with other local businesses to grow together in the community.


We endeavour to be socially responsible as we grow our business.  This includes minimizing the use of plastics in our packaging, and using products that can be recycled.  A big part of this is also giving back to the community and donating to reputable charitable organizations. We support local charities with special promotions and events during the year, in an effort to raise awareness and to make a difference for our community.